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This admonition is very instructive. It brings to the consciousness one of the greatest attributes of love. Love is a choice. It’s more than a feeling. Choose to focus your love on the Father. This world and the things in it will pass away. Stick with what and who has eternal value.

Eliminate fear from your life. Be conscious of the ever abiding presence of God with you. Face life with courage, knowing you will win. Stop praying “oh God, I need you” He is already with you. Recognize Him and give Him control so He can carry you to the Place He prearranged and made ready for you.

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This is our mandate- making Him known all over the earth. He has empowered us to do this, backing us and our work with His miraculous signs and wonders. Let those in your world know him. Be bold for Him. Announce Him. He’s counting on you to do it. How can they hear without a preacher?

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