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An attitude of gratitude will take you higher and faster than anything else. Notice the word didn’t say ‘for everything’ but ‘in everything’. In the midst of the mess give thanks and expect a message from the mess. See Christ in the crisis knowing whatever life throws at you, you have the ability to handle and win. This is God’s will for you. Maintain an attitude of thanksgiving and see things shift in your favor.

The world system as we see it today is not God’s idea. This is satan’s design in cooperation with fallen man. It’s arranged to make you constantly disregard God and His ways of doing things. This is one of the reasons we preach to liberate men from the shackles of this present age. This is also why you need to submit yourself to training and learning God’s word so that you can live over and above this world and it’s system. Jesus said ‘cheer up! I have overcome the world’. Telling and showing us the possibility. Get in the word,#stayintheword,#Staywiththeword so you can king in this life.

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Have you known and believed the love God has for you? Do you dwell in love? The scriptures tells us this is proof of the abiding presence of God in you. Stop making you feel inadequate due to the opinion others have of you. Love is not difficult. It’s patient and kind. It’s a choice to amplify the good in others and extend to others the good in you. God’s love is shed abroad in your heart already. Know love. Believe in love. Recognize love. Show love. Express love and celebrate love.

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